Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge


1. A Graduate Student who is not a graduate of the University and has not the status of Master of Arts shall, so long as he or she is registered as a Graduate Student, have the status of Bachelor of Arts.

2. The Council may grant the status of Bachelor of Arts to a person resident in the University who does not qualify for that status under Regulation 1 and who

  1. (a)holds a degree of another university, or a qualification deemed by the Council to be equivalent to a degree, and
  2. (b)has attained the age of twenty-one years, and
  3. (c)has been recommended by the Head of a College or a Tutor of a College and is certified to have been admitted to the College;

provided that

  1. (i)such a person, if not already matriculated as a member of the University, shall be so matriculated at the first opportunity after the grant of that status;
  2. (ii)the grant shall be for a period specified in each case, and may be revoked by the Council at any time.

3. A possessor of the status of Bachelor of Arts

  1. (a)shall have the same privileges as a Bachelor of Arts with regard to the Libraries and Museums of the University, and the Botanic Garden;
  2. (b)shall be entitled to wear the B.A. gown without strings, but not the hood.

4. A possessor of the status of Bachelor of Arts shall not be a candidate for any examination leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Music.