Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge



1. The Cambridge University Reporter shall contain

  1. (a)in its official part, University Notices issued by authority;
  2. (b)in its unofficial part, reports of Discussions held under Statute A, VIII, 2; notices of non placet of Graces, without comment (other than references to the Reports discussed), signed by persons entitled to vote; notices, not authorized for inclusion in the official part, of lectures and other instruction; notices sent by Colleges; notices and reports of learned societies connected with the University; and such advertisements as the Registrary may think fit to insert.

2. Numbers of the Reporter shall be published at the discretion of the Registrary. If publication in the Reporter of a Report, Grace, Notice, or other matter as required by any Statute or Ordinance is not possible for a period or by a specified date, it shall be sufficient publication for the purpose of the Statute or Ordinance if the Registrary causes it to be posted outside the Senate-House and a copy of it to be sent to the Head of each College and Approved Society, the Chairman of each Faculty, the Head of each Department, and the Director or corresponding officer responsible for every other institution of the University, with a request for its publication within the institution; in such circumstances the Report, Grace, Notice, or other matter shall be published also in the Reporter as soon as it becomes possible.


3. The Reporter shall be published by the Press Syndicate. The selling-price and the charges for unofficial notices and advertisements shall be determined by the Council on the advice of their Finance Committee.

Free copies.

4. Copies of the Reporter shall be sent gratis to Heads and Praelectors of Colleges.

Reduced price.

5. A member of the University who is resident within the Precincts of the University or any member of the Regent House shall be entitled to receive copies of the Reporter for a term and the following vacation on paying at the University Press Bookshop, not later than the tenth day of Full Term, a price as determined from time to time by the Council and announced in the Reporter, which shall be less than the selling-price determined under Regulation 3.


6. The excess of the cost of the Reporter over the receipts shall be charged to the Chest.