Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge


Meetings of Examiners.

1. Save in so far as the General Board shall allow otherwise, every Examiner who has taken part in an examination shall be present, unless prevented by grave cause approved before the meeting by the Vice-Chancellor, at the final meeting of the Examiners, which shall be defined as follows:

  1. (a)Each Examiner for any Part of the Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos, or for Part Ia or Part Ib of the Natural Sciences Tripos, shall be present at the meeting of the Examiners at which the marks of the candidates in his or her particular subject are finally approved.
  2. (b)Each Examiner for any other examination for which a class-list is published shall be present at the meeting of the Examiners at which that list is finally approved.

2. For each of the examinations specified in Regulation 1(a) there shall be held, in addition to the final meetings of Examiners in particular subjects, a subsequent meeting of the Chairman and the Senior Examiners, at which the class-list for the whole examination shall be finally approved, and at which the following shall be present:

  1. (a)the Chairman of Examiners or, in the absence of the Chairman, an Assistant Chairman of Examiners;
  2. (b)the Senior Examiner (or a designated deputy) for each particular subject of the examination.
Lists to be sent to the Registrary.

3. At the final meeting of the Examiners held under Regulation 1(b), or at the meeting of the Chairman and the Senior Examiners held under Regulation 2, two copies of the class-list, as finally approved, shall be signed by all those present. These copies shall be sent without delay to the Registrary by the Chairman of Examiners. One of the two copies, if they are in print, or, if they are not in print, a printed copy subsequently signed by the Chairman of Examiners, shall be preserved in the Registry as the authoritative list.

Time of publication.

4. All class-lists shall be published by the Registrary and subsequently printed in the Reporter. A list shall be deemed to have been published as soon as either (a) the Registrary has caused a copy of it to be posted outside the Senate-House or (b) a copy of it has been read in the Senate-House. Any copy of a list read in the Senate-House shall immediately thereafter be posted outside the Senate-House. Until printing of a class-list in the Reporter, a copy of the class-list issued for posting outside the Senate-House or in any Faculty, Department, or other institution in the University or a College, or read in the Senate-House shall exclude the name of any candidate where such exclusion has been determined by the Council for good cause.

Distribution of copies.

5. The Registrary shall arrange for copies of each complete list to be sent to each College, Approved Foundation, and Approved Society as soon as possible after publication.

Notice of probable date of publication of lists.

6. The Chairman of Examiners shall communicate to the Registrary as soon as practicable a statement of the day on which the Registrary may expect to receive the list and whether the list is to be read in the Senate-House; and the Registrary shall cause to be posted outside the Senate-House, or shall insert in the Reporter, a notice of the expected date of publication.

Amended lists.

7. In any case in which the Chairman of Examiners satisfies the Vice-Chancellor that a list published in accordance with the foregoing regulations needs amendment, the Vice-Chancellor may authorize the issue of a Notice amending the list, or of an amended list to supersede the original list.