Cambridge University Reporter

Winchester Reading Prizes: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2009, pp. 735 and 954

The Winchester Reading Prizes are open for competition to any junior member of the University, undergraduate or graduate, provided that they are in residence.

The examination date will be published in the Reporter in the course of the Michaelmas Term. The names of the candidates shall be sent to the Registrary by their Tutors not less than fourteen days before the day of the examination.

The examination shall be confined to reading in public, passages

(a) of classical English Prose and Poetry;
(b) of the Old and New Testament and the English Liturgy; and
(c) of a work or portion of a work of some standard English Divine, to be announced by the Examiners at the conclusion of the preceding year's examination.

The selected subject for 2010 will be published in the Reporter in the course of Michaelmas Term. The Examiners may institute a preliminary trial in all or any of the foregoing subjects, and to admit only such candidates to the examination as shall have satisfied them in that trial. The winner of a Prize shall not be eligible to compete a second time.

The Examiners may award a First Prize and a Second Prize or two prizes of equal value.