Cambridge University Reporter

Members of the Council during the year ended 31 July 2008

The Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor

Elected as Heads of Colleges

Prof. William Brown
Prof. Anthony Badger
Dame Veronica Sutherland
Lord Wilson of Dinton

Elected as Professors or Readers

Prof. Ross Anderson
Prof. Zygmunt Baranski (to 17 March 2008)
Prof. David Abulafia (from 23 May 2008)
Prof. Stephen Young
Dr Liba Taub

Elected as members of the Regent House

Dr Nick Bampos
Dr Michael Clark
Dr Stephen Cowley
Mr Robert Dowling
Ms Deborah Lowther
Dr Donald MacDonald
Dr Joan Whitehead
Dr George Reid

Members in class (e) (external members)

Mr Nigel Brown
Lord Simon of Highbury

Student members 2007-08

(to 30 June 2008)
Mr William Bortrick
Mr Sam Ensor-Rose
Mr Mark Fletcher

(from 1 July 2008)
Mr Anthony Bagshaw
Mr William Bortrick
Ms Freya Morrison

Secretary: the Registrary