Cambridge University Reporter

Annual Reports of the Council and the General Board for the academical year 2006-07 and Reports and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 July 2007: Notice

9 June 2008

The Council has considered remarks made at the Discussion on 22 January 2008 (Reporter, p. 468) of the Annual Report of the Council for 2006-07, the Annual Report of the General Board to the Council for 2006-07, and the Financial Statements for the year ended 31 July 2007 (Reporter, pp. 303-41). It has referred the remarks made about the Annual Report of the General Board to the Board, and a statement by the Board is included in this Notice. The Council concurs with the Board's statement.

The Council notes from the remarks of Mr R. J. Stibbs on behalf of the Board of Scrutiny that the Board will be commenting on the Annual Reports and the Financial Statements further later in the year.

Annual Report of the Council

With regard to comments made about placing documents on the web, the Council has noted the importance of putting information on the web as soon as appropriate, and is developing arrangements for this.

Mr N. M. Maclaren and Dr D. R. De Lacey commented on the development of North West Cambridge. The Council has now published a Fourth Report on the development of the University's land in North West Cambridge (Reporter, p. 613). Links to the Area Action Plan and other papers relating to the planning process are available through the local authority websites at and

Annual Report of the General Board

The General Board commented on the remarks that concern their Report as follows:

Mr Stibbs questioned why the Report made no mention of further consideration of the Board's review procedures, following concerns expressed in the Discussion about the restructuring of the Faculty of Oriental Studies. This matter was dealt with fully in the Board's response to the remarks made at the Discussion and Topic of Concern (Reporter, 2006-07, p. 608) and the Board do not consider that further comment is required.

The Board have referred Mr Maclaren's remarks on co-ordination of pedagogic support and collaborative teaching to the Review Committee for Teaching and Learning Support Services.

The Board are grateful to Professor G. R. Evans for drawing attention to the material about collaborative provision at the University of Oxford, which the Education Committee will consider.

The Council is submitting a Grace (Grace 2, p. 862) for the approval of its Annual Report (which includes the General Board's Report) under the provisions of Statute A, IV, 1(d).