Cambridge University Reporter


Notice by the University Bellringer

On Wednesday, 21 November, at the Church of St Edward King and Martyr, the following members of the University rang a memorial Quarter-Peal of 1272 Changes of Cambridge Surprise Minor for Philip Mayne, M.A., who was born on 22 November 1899 and died on 9 April 2007:

1. D. E. Newland, SE

2. F. H. King, CHU

3. B. D. Threlfall, T

4. C. Y. Barlow, N

5. C. H. Northeast, N

6. P. J. G. Long, R (Conductor)

At the time of his death, Philip Mayne was the oldest alumnus of the Engineering Department and the oldest member of King's College. He was also the last surviving Officer of the Great War. He graduated in 1921.