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Oriental Studies Tripos, 2009: Amendment to specified texts and subjects

Further to their Notice of 24 October 2007 (p. 103), the Faculty Board of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies give notice that the specified subjects and texts for Papers Sa. 19 and Sa. 27 of the Oriental Studies Tripos, 2009 will be as follows:

Sa. 19. Selected readings in North Indian language

This paper provides the student with an introduction to Urdu.

 Let's study Urdu: An introductory course, Ali S. Asani and Syed Akbar Hyder, Yale University Press, 2007
 Urdu: Readings in Literary Urdu Prose, G. C. Narang, The University of Wisconsin Press and London, 1968

Paper Sa. 27. Specified subject in South Asian Studies

 The sociology and politics of South Asia