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Special No 10 Friday 25 January 2008 Vol CXXXVIII




The following Annual Reports have been received by the General Board, and copies may be obtained on application to the officers shown below:

Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies (2005–06) and (2006–07)
Director, CARET, 16 Mill Lane.
Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (2006–07)Director, CRASSH, 17 Mill Lane.
Centre for Business Research (2006–07) Director, CBR, Top Floor, Judge Business School
Building, Trumpington Street. Also available at
Institute of Continuing Education (2006–07) Chairman, Madingley Hall, Madingley. Also available
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (2005–06) Director, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology,
Downing Street.
Centre of South Asian Studies (2006–07) Director, Centre of South Asian Studies, Laundress
Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1SD.

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