Cambridge University Reporter

Frank Smart Studentship in Botany: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2007, p. 870

The Electors to the Frank Smart Studentship in Botany give notice that one or more Studentships will be vacant on 1 October 2008.

Graduates of the University are eligible for the Studentship if not more than eighteen complete terms have elapsed after their first term of residence, and Graduate Students, not being graduates of the University, if not more than nine complete terms have elapsed after their first term of actual residence. In addition, all applicants must have been registered as a Graduate Student for at least three terms.

The successful candidate must devote him or herself to research in botany under the direction of the Professor of Botany, who will determine the conditions under which the research is to be conducted and the place or places in which it is to be carried out.

The Studentship is tenable for one year, although Graduate Students may make up to two applications for the Studentship, irrespective of whether their first application has been successful.

The value of the Studentship is normally a minimum of £1,000 and will be determined by the Electors after taking account of any financial resources that may be available to the Student.

A candidate must send his or her name, with a detailed statement of their research project and progress made, to Professor J.C. Gray at the Department of Plant Sciences, so as to reach him not later than 15 September 2008. Awards will be made effective from 1 October 2008.