Cambridge University Reporter

Election to the Council: Notice

7 November 2006

The Vice-Chancellor announces that the following candidates have been duly nominated in accordance with Statute A, IV, 2 for election to the Council in classes (a), (b), and (c), and that it has been certified to her that each candidate has consented to be nominated in the class shown:

Class (a)
CandidateNominated by
Professor WILLIAM ARTHUR BROWN, DARProfessor R. N. Perham, JN, and Professor R. J. Bowring, SE
Dame VERONICA SUTHERLAND, LC Professor A. J. Badger, CL, and Professor M. J. Daunton, TH
Class (b)
CandidateNominated by
Professor ROSS JOHN ANDERSON, T Professor D. M. G. Newbery, CHU, and Professor A. Hopper, CC
Professor SUSAN ELIZABETH OWENS, NProfessor J. S. Bell, PEM, and Professor Sir Thomas Blundell, SID
Professor STEPHEN JOHN YOUNG, EMProfessor Sir Thomas Blundell, SID, and Professor K. Glover, SID
Class (c)
CandidateNominated by
Dr NICK BAMPOS, THDr J. H. Keeler, SE, and Mr R. G. Jobling, JN
Dr RICHARD JAMES BARNES, EMDr M. J. Gross, EM, and Dr K. M. Bowkett, CHR
Dr STEPHEN JOHN COWLEY, SEProfessor J. R. Spencer, SE, and Dr S. E. Lintott, DOW
Ms DEBORAH LOWTHER, GProfessor Dame Marilyn Strathern, G, and Mr A. D. Yates, R
Mr NICHOLAS MALCOLM MACLAREN, CCMr R. J. Stibbs, DOW, and Professor R. J. Anderson, T
Dr JOAN MARGARET WHITEHEAD, WDr T. S. Adkins, K, and Professor J. S. Bell, PEM

No other persons having been nominated, the candidates named above in class (a) are duly elected.

An election is necessary to select two members in class (b) and four members in class (c). The election will be by postal ballot, under the Single Transferable Vote regulations. Voting papers will be distributed, together with the statements provided by the candidates, not later than Monday, 20 November. The last date for the return of voting papers will be 5 p.m. on Thursday, 30 November.