Cambridge University Reporter

Notice of benefactions

13 November 2006

The Vice-Chancellor gives notice that she has received with gratitude the following benefactions:

(i) a benefaction of US$1m from the Board of Cambridge in America. The benefaction is made possible following a generous gift to Cambridge in America by Qualcomm, a producer of next-generation wireless communications, and is to be used to support doctoral research students in the Computer Laboratory. With the agreement of Cambridge in America the benefaction has been added to the 2009 Computer Laboratory Research Students Fund;
(ii) a generous benefaction totalling £1m to be donated to the University over four years from Sir David Walker, M.A., of Queens' College, Co-Chairman of the Cambridge 800th Anniversary Campaign Board. The terms of the donation allow the spending of both income and capital of the benefaction to support research in the area of stem cell research in multiple sclerosis over a period of five years;
(iii) a benefaction of £12,000 to be paid in instalments over six years from Professor James H. Marrow and Dr Emily Rose in honour of Daniel and Joanna Rose. The purpose of the benefaction is to support a prize to be called the Rose Book-Collecting Prize to encourage students to assemble coherent collections of books.

The Council are submitting a Grace to the Regent House (Grace 1, p. 156) for the approval of regulations to govern the proposed Rose Book-Collecting Prize.