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Notices by Faculty Boards, or other bodies concerned, of changes to the form and conduct of certain examinations to be held in 2006-07, by comparison with those examinations in 2006, are published below. Complete details of the form and conduct of all examinations are available from the Faculties or Departments concerned.

Second M.B. Examination (Revised Regulations)

The Faculty Board of Biology and the Faculty Board of Clinical Medicine give notice that, with effect from the examination in 2006-07, the form and conduct of the examination in Medical Sociology in the Second M.B. Examination (Revised Regulations) will be as follows:

Medical Sociology (MSOC)

The examination will last one hour, and will examine material covered by the lecture course. Candidates will be required to answer two questions from a choice of six. Each question will carry equal marks. Specimen questions will be made available.