Cambridge University Reporter

E.G. Fearnsides Scholarship: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2006, pp. 706 and 758

The Managers invite applications for conference travel grants for those students engaged in clinical research into organic diseases of the nervous system, who are registered for a higher research degree either in the Faculty of Clinical Medicine or the Faculty of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, and to those M.B./Ph.D. students engaged in research in this area in other Faculties.

Applications will be considered from students who are not presenting. The maximum amount of any one award will be £1,600. Applications will be considered three times a year with the deadline for the receipt of these applications being the last day of each full term. Application forms and further information are available from the Secretary of the Managers, E.G. Fearnsides Scholarship, The Clinical School, Box 111, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 2SP. Tel: 01223 336719 or e-mail:

The deadline for applications for 2006-07 are: 1 December 2006, 16 March 2007 and 15 June 2007.