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Harold Samuel Studentship: Notice

Subject to the availability of funds the Board of Land Economy may offer one or more studentships for research, leading to a higher degree of this University, in any aspect of land economy. It is unlikely that funds will be available to support Studentships in 2007-08. Candidates are expected to hold a good honours degree (normally first class) in land economy or a related subject, e.g. economics, law, geography, politics.

The award of a Harold Samuel Studentship is conditional upon the holder being admitted to, and remaining on, the Register of Graduate Students of the University. Harold Samuel Studentships are tenable for one or two years and may, at the discretion of the Board of Land Economy, be extended for one more year.

Subject to the next paragraph, the emolument may cover three elements, (a) a basic maintenance grant payable by quarterly installments in advance, the maximum amount is related to the basic grant payable by the Economic and Social Research Council, (b) a sum approved by the Board to meet University and College fees, normally met in full, and (c) a limited sum towards expenses necessarily incurred in connection with the student's research. The needs of research students will vary, some may need to purchase extra books or special equipment, others may incur expenditure on travel and subsistence in conducting fieldwork. No rigid rules are laid down and each case is considered on its merits. Prior approval for such expenditure should be obtained through the Secretary to the Department. Students will be expected to keep such expenses to a reasonable minimum. A Harold Samuel Student is not entitled to claim assistance with meeting the cost of travel between home and University at the beginning and end of each term. A contribution towards the cost of typing and binding theses is normally payable.

As provided in Ordinances, in deciding the total payment to each student the Board will take into account any financial assistance which he or she is receiving from other sources. In accordance with University regulations relating to research students, it is understood that a Harold Samuel Student will not engage in paid employment whether on a full-time or part-time basis, other than a modest amount of University or College teaching or a temporary vacation job.

In addition to making an application to the Board of Graduate Studies for admission as a Graduate Student in the normal way, candidates should inform the Head of Department of Land Economy of their wish to be considered for a Harold Samuel Studentship and include a two to three page outline of their proposed research, covering objectives, methodology, data to be used and the relevance of the proposed research in relation to the existing body of knowledge.

Applications should be made as soon as possible and, in any event, not later than 28 April 2007. Intending applicants who have not yet applied to the Board of Graduate Studies for admission are advised to do so as soon as possible.