Cambridge University Reporter

Sara Norton Prize and Fund: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2006, pp. 706 and 825

Under the regulations for the Sara Norton Fund the Managers are empowered to:

(i) award grants to further the study of the political history of the United States of America.
(ii) Prize

The Managers give notice that they wish to invite applications for these awards.



The Senior Prize shall be awarded for the best essay on some aspect of the political history of the United States of America. The Prize shall be open to any member of the University who has been approved by the Board of Graduate Studies for the award of the Ph.D. Degree during the calendar year next preceding the year of the award; provided that an essay submitted for the Prize shall not previously have been submitted for a prize, but may be an adaptation of the substantial piece of work undertaken by the candidate as a Graduate Student.


Postgraduate members of the University are eligible to apply for grants.

Priority will be given to applications from students in their first, and even second, year of a Ph.D., but not from M.Phil. students.

Application procedures


Successful Ph.D. candidates of the Degree Committee of the Faculty of History, submitting during the previous calendar year and writing on the political history of the USA.


All applications for grants should be made using an application form, obtainable from the Secretary to the Managers of the Sara Norton Fund and should fully explain the purpose for which a grant is needed, including details of proposed expenditure. Applications should also include a statement of any other sources of assistance to which application has been made. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that at least one reference is sent in support of the application by the end of Lent Term.

Applications for grants should be submitted to the Secretary to the Managers of the Sara Norton Fund, Faculty of History, West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9EF, by the end of Lent Term.

Value of awards


The value of the Prize is £500.


The value of grants awarded are at the discretion of the Managers.