Cambridge University Reporter

Members' History Prize and Fund: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2006, pp. 706 and 814

Under the regulations for the Members' History Fund the Managers are empowered to:

(i) award a prize for an essay on an historical subject chosen by the candidate. The essay shall not previously have been submitted for a prize, but may be an adaptation of a substantial piece of work undertaken by the candidate as a Graduate Student;
(ii) award grants both in aid of research to Graduate Students working under the supervision of the Degree Committee of the Faculty of History.

The Managers give notice that they wish to invite applications for these awards.



The prize shall be open to any member of the University who has been approved by the Board of Graduate Studies for the award of the M.Phil. Degree during the academical year preceding that in which the essay should be submitted.


A candidate must be a first or second year Ph.D. students, working under the supervision of the Degree Committee of the Faculty of History.

Application procedures


Prizes will be awarded to the best M.Phil. Dissertations submitted to the Degree Committee of the Faculty of History in the preceding academic year.


Applications must be submitted on a form available from the Secretary to the Managers of the Fund. Candidates should invite one referee to write to the Secretary in support of the application. Applications and references must be received by 24 April 2007.

Value of awards


The value of the prizes to be £500 for the first and £250 for the second.


The value of grants awarded are at the discretion of the Managers and will normally be up to, but not exceeding, £500.