Cambridge University Reporter

Robert Daglish Fund: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2006, p. 748

The Managers for the Robert Daglish Fund give notice that they are prepared to receive applications for grants from the Fund. The purpose of the Fund is to provide grants or loans to undergraduate members of the University to assist them in travelling to or in Russia in connection with their studies in the University.

Applicants should note that (a) awards will not normally be made for courses that are eligible for support from the Vacation Studies Grant; and (b) awards are not meant to replace normal sources of funding for a year abroad.

Students who wish to apply for grants are required to complete an application form available from the Secretary, Department of Slavonic Studies, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge. Applicants will be expected to provide a description of the project which they intend to carry out in Russia; the estimated costs and approximate time scale of the trip; and the name of a referee (e.g. Director of Studies or Supervisor). The deadline for receiving applications is 1 May 2007. On completion of the project successful applicants will be expected to submit a short report detailing what has been achieved.