Cambridge University Reporter

Wakefield Scholarships: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2006, p. 889

The Managers of the Wakefield Fund invite applications for Wakefield Scholarships open to persons intending to pursue a course of advanced study or research in Criminology. Scholarships are awarded from the benefaction of Mrs Priscilla Mitchell (née Wakefield) in memory of her brother Captain Edward Roger Wakefield, and also in recognition of the historic work of her forebears Edward Gibbon Wakefield, Daniel Bell Wakefield, William Hayward Wakefield, and Arthur Wakefield in the development of New Zealand, South Australia, and Canada.

Wakefield Scholarships are open to any person who was born or educated in Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. If two or more candidates born or educated in Australia are equally well qualified, preference is given to a candidate who was born or educated in South Australia. Scholarships are awarded annually, but Wakefield Scholars are eligible for re-election, provided that the tenure of a Scholarship shall not normally exceed three years in all. The annual value of a Scholarship is determined by the Managers at the time of election, taking into account the financial circumstances of applicants. Awards do not usually exceed the full value of University and College fees.

Application forms may be obtained from the Graduate Administrator, Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 9DT, and returned to her by 31 May annually.