Cambridge University Reporter

Wyse Studentship: Notice


The Electors to the Wyse Studentship in Social Anthropology give notice that they intend to award a Studentship for tenure from October 2007. The Studentship will be awarded by competition.

The Studentship is open to any person who is admitted by the Board of Graduate Studies and intends to do research in Social Anthropology leading to the Ph.D. Degree, regardless of whether they are liable for fees at the Home or Overseas rate. It is a condition of the Studentship that UK and EU students apply to the ESRC or equivalent funding body and that overseas students apply for an ORS award.

The Studentship shall normally be tenable for three years, and will not be renewable thereafter, but the Electors have discretion to award it for a shorter period.

The emoluments of the Studentship will cover University and College fees (excluding the year in which the Student will undertake field research) and maintenance. It will not include fieldwork expenses. The Student will be able to apply for maintenance cover while on fieldwork but will be expected to meet additional field expenses, including travel, from other sources.

Candidates for the Studentship should apply to the Admissions Secretary, Department of Social Anthropology, Free School Lane, Cambridge, CB2 3RF, enclosing a curriculum vitae and a statement of their proposed plan of research. Candidates will also be required to submit a substantial piece of written work to the Admissions Secretary by 13 April 2007 for election to an award commencing in the Michaelmas Term 2007. Interviews may be held at the discretion of the Electors. The offer of an award will be conditional on the candidate fulfilling any conditions set by the Board of Graduate Studies. Further details may be obtained from the Admissions Secretary, Department of Social Anthropology, Free School Lane, Cambridge, CB2 3RF and Department website:

The Studentship may be held at any college in Cambridge.

The Student shall, during the tenure of the Studentship, pursue to the satisfaction of the Electors the course of study proposed in the application. If the Electors report that the Student is failing to pursue this course of study with due diligence, the Studentship may be forfeited. The Student shall not, during the tenure of the Studentship, follow any business or profession or engage in educational or other work which in the opinion of the Electors would interfere with the approved course of research. In any books, memoirs, or other writings, which publish the results of the investigations carried out during the tenure of the Studentship, the Student shall, where practicable, be described as the Wyse Student in Social Anthropology.


Applications are invited from research students working towards a Ph.D. Degree under the supervision of the Department of Social Anthropology for grants towards fieldwork expenses. Further information is available from the Admissions Secretary, Department of Social Anthropology, Free School Lane, Cambridge, CB2 3RF, from whom application forms may also be obtained. Applicants should return the forms by 1 June each year to the Department of Social Anthropology, marked for the attention of the Fieldwork Grants Committee.