Cambridge University Reporter

Travelling Expenses Fund: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2006, p. 940

The General Board give notice that they will consider applications for grants from the Travelling Expenses Fund at any time during the course of the academical year 2006-07.

Grants from the Travelling Expenses Fund are made towards the cost of travelling and other expenses incurred by University officers in attending learned conferences, or in travel for study or research connected with their University duties; provided that holders of offices for which no stipend is paid or which have been established for so long as the whole cost is provided from specified funds are not eligible to receive grants.

No applicant will be awarded more than one grant in any financial year.

Application forms are obtainable from the Education Section (Academic Division), 4 Parson's Court. Completed forms, countersigned by the Head of the Department or Chairman of the Faculty Board, should be submitted to the Education Section before any expenditure on the proposed journey is incurred.