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University of Toronto


One graduate fellowship is awarded annually by the College to a man or woman who is pursuing studies in the Graduate School of the University of Toronto. The fellowship provides residence and board in either Trinity College or St. Hilda's College and membership in the Senior Common Room. It may be held in conjunction with cash awards or teaching assistantships from other sources. Each of the following fellowships is awarded in alternate years: (2006-07: Cumming Fellowship)

James C. Cumming Fellowship - Awarded to a recent graduate of any accredited university.

Provost Seeley Fellowship - Awarded to a student who is not a Canadian citizen and is a graduate of an accredited university outside Canada.

Application forms and further particulars of these awards may be obtained from the Registrar, Trinity College, Toronto, Canada M5S 1H8.

The final date for receipt of applications is 1 February 2007.