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The Anglo-Israel Association


The Anglo-Israel Association awards a limited number of Travel Scholarships to Israel every year, in memory of its Founder, the late Brigadier Sir Wyndham Deedes, CMG, DSO. The object of the awards is to enable graduates of British Universities and others with special qualifications or interests who are normally resident in the UK to make an intensive study of some aspect (sociological, scientific, cultural, economic, etc.) of life in Israel, the study to be in an area in which the applicant is specially qualified or interested and that would be of direct interest to those working in that field in this country.

Scholarships are open to men or women, normally under thirty-five years of age, who have graduated from a British University or Institute of Higher Education, but applications from mature students are also welcomed. Scholars must be of British nationality, and intend normally to be resident in the United Kingdom.

Applicants must be free to spend at least six weeks in Israel within twelve months of the date of the award. Scholars must undertake to submit a report, of approximately 5,000 words, on their project within twelve months of the date of return. The Association has a prior right to publish the reports.

Awards are decided by a Panel of Adjudicators appointed by the Anglo-Israel Association. Candidates who are short-listed are interviewed annually in London, normally during the second week of April.

Each Scholarship is worth up to £2,000. This is intended to contribute towards the cost of direct travel to and from Israel and residence in that country for a minimum of six weeks.

Applicants should include in their applications a statement of about 300 words detailing their particular interest in Israel and outlining their projected study and giving names of individuals and institutions in Israel willing to give advice and assistance. Applications should be submitted together with a relevant letter of recommendation, for example from their University Department, by 31 March annually to the Anglo-Israel Association, Wyndham Deedes Memorial Trust Fund, PO Box 47819, London, NW11 7WD (tel. 020 8458 1284). If acknowledgement of receipt is required a stamped and addressed envelope must be enclosed.