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St Catharine's College


The College invites applications for the 2007-08 Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship. This is open to academically outstanding Malaysian candidates wishing to pursue Ph.D. research at Cambridge University.

2003 marked the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of the great twentieth century statesman, Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, who led Malaysia to independence in 1957. To commemorate his achievements, the Prime Minister and Government of Malaysia founded the Tunku Abdul Rahman Centenary Fund at St Catharine's College, where Tunku received his undergraduate degree, his Honorary Doctorate in Law, and an Honorary Fellowship.

Each year the Fund provides one three-year scholarship to enable a Malaysian citizen to undertake Ph.D. study at Cambridge University in one of the following subjects: Archaeology, Classics, Divinity, Economics, English, Geography, History, History and Philosophy of Science, History of Art, Law, Modern and Medieval Languages, Music, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Social Anthropology, Social and Political Sciences.

Preference may be given to candidates with research of relevance to Southeast and/or East Asia. Tunku Scholars will normally be associated with the University's East Asia Institute. The Scholarship provides full fees and maintenance for the three years of the Ph.D. course. The value of any studentship awarded will be reduced appropriately to take account of any payment from other sources.

Please note that the Appointments Committee cannot make an award to a candidate unless he or she has been accepted for a Ph.D. programme by the relevant Degree Committee of one of the Faculties of the University. Candidates should thus submit their Ph.D. application to the Board of Graduate Studies at the earliest possible moment.

To apply, please send to the address below a copy of your Ph.D. application, including your undergraduate transcript, your Ph.D. proposal, letter of offer of admission to the University of Cambridge, and any other documents you regard as relevant. Please ask your referees to prepare copies of your references in sealed envelopes to be also included in your application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The Committee will select a shortlist of up to five applicants by mid-April, inviting them for interview in May, either in person or over the web. All communication will be by email.

Applications must be received by 15 March 2007 and are to be sent to: The Graduate Tutor's Secretary, Tunku Fund Scholarship, St Catharine's College, Cambridge CB2 1RL.