Cambridge University Reporter

Robinson College


The College expects to award at least one Lewis Scholarship a year of up to £3,000. These Scholarships are for applicants for graduate research in humanities and may be held in conjunction with other awards. The College also has a number of Graduate Research Scholarships to provide assistance towards the cost of fees and maintenance. These Scholarships are offered competitively, based primarily on academic merit and financial need to candidates who have registered with the Board of Graduate Studies for a Ph.D. Degree and who have placed Robinson as their first choice college. The awards will normally range between £500 and £1,000 per annum and may be renewable for up to three years depending on circumstances. Candidates who wish to be considered for such an award should submit an additional explanation of their research proposals on not more than one A4 page.

Up to three Yates-Unilever Scholarships, tenable for one year and renewable, are offered annually to Graduate Students from overseas countries who register for a Ph.D. Degree in a science subject at the College. These are usually awarded in the first year of study. In any one year the award is unlikely to exceed £300 to any student.

Further information may be obtained from Dr G.A.C. Jones, Admissions Tutor for Graduates, Robinson College, Cambridge, CB3 9AN.