Cambridge University Reporter

Hughes Hall

Hughes Hall offers the following scholarship. Special consideration will be given to applicants for this scholarship who, on their application forms, nominate Hughes Hall as their College of first preference.


One scholarship, worth the amount of the College fee, to be awarded to applicants who registered, initially, for the M.Phil only, have performed with such distinction that they wish to study for the Ph.D.; renewable. Preference will be given to students who have identified Hughes Hall as their College of first choice on their application form.

Please note that, if your fees are fully funded by a grant-giving body, you are not eligible to apply for or to hold this award.

Value: The amount of the College fee. The scholarship is renewable, subject to continued excellent in research. If your circumstances change, your award will be reviewed, but it will not fall below £500 per annum. The purpose of the award is to augment the student's major source of funding where this falls short of the total sum required.


Grants are available to Ph.D. students to assist with travel necessary for research.


The College has limited funds for students suffering financial hardship arising from unforeseen situations.