Cambridge University Reporter

Gonville and Caius College


The Council of Gonville and Caius College invite applications for W.M. Tap Studentships in Law. These are open to candidates who are not already members of the College but who propose to register as graduate students in the University of Cambridge and follow a course in the Law Faculty.

The value of the Studentship will be determined after considering successful candidates' income from other sources. Approved University and College fees will be paid, together with a maintenance award (currently £9,450 for candidates pursuing the LL.M. and £12,600 for candidates pursuing the Ph.D. respectively) which more than satisfies the Board of Graduate Studies' conditions for entry as a graduate student. An additional college studentship of £500 per annum is paid. A contribution is also made towards expenses of travelling to this country if the student's home is abroad.

The following payments may also be made to those candidates pursuing

(a) an allowance for dependants
(b) an allowance if the candidate is aged over 26
(c) grants for research expenses

Students will be expected to apply for State Studentships or other research awards for which they may be eligible, for example, Gates Awards or Overseas Research Awards. All successful candidates will have the right, if unmarried, to live in College accommodation during their first year of residence in Cambridge. Married students can usually be accommodated in a College flat.

Tenure of a studentship is conditional upon the elected Student being accepted by the Board of Graduate Studies (BGS). (Application forms may be obtained from the Secretary, Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RZ or Candidates must usually be under the age of thirty on 1 October 2007 and must be graduates of any university in the United Kingdom or elsewhere, or be about to graduate not later than August 2007. They will be expected to be of outstanding academic ability.

Application forms for Studentships are available from the Admissions Office, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge CB2 TA. (Tel: 01223 332440, fax: 01223 332456, email: The completed form should reach the Admissions Office by 31 December 2006, for entry in October 2007. In awarding the Studentship, first consideration will be given to candidates who nominate Gonville and Caius College as their College of first preference in their application to the Board of Graduate Studies.

The award of a Studentship may be conditional upon the candidate's obtaining satisfactory results in his or her final degree examinations. Successful candidates will become members of the College, and will be expected to come into residence in October 2007. The Studentships are renewable annually up to a maximum of three years, subject to conditions of diligence and progress.