Cambridge University Reporter

Darwin College


The College offers by competition, one or more Philosophy Studentships of up to £2,000 to students commencing graduate work in the Faculty of Philosophy in October 2007. However, other things being equal, preference will be given to United Kingdom students.

No special application forms are necessary, and all those eligible will be considered from information contained in their original application to the Board of Graduate Studies. The tenure of the award is for one year, but holders may re-apply in subsequent years.


The Bursaries are for £1,000 and open to all students commencing their course in October 2007, tenable in any subject and unrestricted as to the nationality of the applicant. These awards are for one year only and cannot be re-newed. The closing date for this competition is August 2007.

All eligible applicants will be sent the appropriate application form when, and if, a written offer of admission is made.

For both the Philosophy Studentships and College Bursaries, preference will be given to those who nominate Darwin as their College of first choice.


The College proposes to award one Graduate Scholarships in Arts (including Social Sciences) to a student of British nationality normally resident in the UK who has been accepted by the Board of Graduate Studies, University of Cambridge to commence studies in October 2007, and gas nominated Darwin College as the College of first preference. The Scholarship is restricted to those applying for one-year courses and is not intended for those wishing to be registered for the Ph.D. Degree. The value of the Scholarship will be in all respects equivalent to an AHRB Award.

All eligible applicants will be sent the appropriate application form when a written offer of admission is made.

The Scholarship may not be held in conjunction with any other major award. Applications must be completed and returned to the Dean to arrive no later than 10 August 2007, and a decision will be made by 24 August.


This Studentship is for graduate work in medicine and is only open to Venezuelan citizens. It is tenable for up to three years. The award covers both University and College fees together with a full maintenance allowance. Interested applications should apply in the first instance directly to the Dean.