Cambridge University Reporter

Clare College

There are seven classes of Research Studentships open to general competition. These are advertised and awarded from time to time as they become vacant. Holders of these Studentships are required to become members of the College. The Studentships are:


The Scholarship is offered to a postgraduate student in any field of Christian theology. The successful candidate will have a vocation to Christian ministry - lay or ordained - as well as a commitment to the academic study of theology in the service of the Church, and will be expected to assist the Dean in the life and ministry of the College Chapel. The award, which is designed as a 'top-up' scholarship to supplement a grant or other means of support, is valued at £5,000. It is awarded for one year in the first instance, and may be renewed for up to three years.


A Senior Research Studentship in Mathematics, the Physical Sciences, Engineering or Computer Science, is offered from time to time. Applicants must be Research Students registered for the degree of Ph.D. in the University of Cambridge, and currently in their second year of registration. When the holder has both completed one year of the studentship and been awarded their Ph.D. degree, the Studentship is upgraded to a Fellowship for the remainder of the tenure. The holder normally receives no stipend until the end of the third year of research, or the expiry of their present grant if that should take place earlier. He or she will, however be given High Table dining rights and may receive grants for research expenses. The stipend for the last three years of the studentship will be the same as for other Research Fellows of the College.


The Scholarship is open to graduates of any university for research in the early modern period of British or European history after 1450. It is tenable for up to three years and will make a contribution towards University and College fees and maintenance. Other sources of funding will be needed to meet the full costs of a research course.


The Studentship, which is open to graduates of any university in any country, is for research or training in research 'into the causes and cure of tuberculosis, and/or other diseases of an allied character'. The Governing Body intends to interpret these terms in the widest possible sense:

Each Studentship may be:

(i) a Junior Studentship of value approximately equal to that of MRC Studentship normally tenable for three years, or
(ii) a Senior Studentship of greater value, tenable for one, two, or three years.

A Junior Student would be expected to apply for registration with the Board of Graduate Studies for a research degree. A Senior Student should consider such a possibility.


Postgraduate scholarship in Hellenic studies, to support research leading to a Ph.D. (an applicant doing the M.Phil. in the first instance, with the expectation of going on to the Cambridge Ph.D., would be welcome to apply). The successful applicant will be expected to conduct his or her research within the Faculty of Classics, and to be a postgraduate member of Clare College, which has a strong tradition of teaching and research in Hellenic Studies.

The Scholarship has been made available through the generosity of the Leventis Foundation, and is offered for the support of research into any aspect of the classical Hellenic and post-classical eras, up to and including the Early Byzantine, including their history, cultures, literature, philosophy, science, art and archaeology, language and philology.

The Scholarship will be awarded for up to a maximum of 3 years, and will cover university and college fees, and maintenance at a level equivalent to that of an AHRC postgraduate award. The Scholarship may include a small additional allowance for fieldwork or other research expenses. Students from outside the EU will, if successful, be expected to apply for an ORS award or equivalent. Applicants for the Leventis Scholarship will also be expected to have applied for other sources of funding, such as the AHRC.


The Studentship is established to provide funding for a student registered for the Ph.D. degree in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages. It is open to graduates of any university and is tenable for up to 3 years. For a student in receipt of no other grant, it will cover approved University and College fees (at the non-overseas level) and subsistence at the same level as the Arts and Humanities Research Council awards.


The William Senior Studentships for research in comparative Law or Legal History are offered from time to time. The Studentships are open to Graduates in Law or History and election is normally conditional upon the person being accepted by the Board of Graduate Studies as a candidate for a research degree. The Studentships are of sufficient value to cover approved University and College fees and reasonable subsistence and are tenable for either two or three years.