Cambridge University Reporter

Tyrwhitt's Hebrew Scholarships and Mason Hebrew Prize: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2006, pp. 706, 808 and 886

The examination for two Tyrwhitt's Scholarships and for the Mason Prize will begin on the second Tuesday in May, i.e. 8 May 2007. The examination consists of six papers. In two papers candidates are required to translate passages in prose and verse from English into pointed classical Hebrew, and to point and accent unpointed passages in Hebrew. Two papers require translation of passages from the Hebrew Bible into English, together with comment on selected features of the Hebrew text and their treatment in the ancient versions (Greek, Syriac and Latin), while a third paper on biblical Hebrew texts includes passages from the mediaeval commentators for translation and comment. There is also a paper requiring translation of unseen texts in Aramaic and Syriac into English. Candidates for the Scholarships or for the Prize must send their names to the Registrary (addressed to the Awards Clerk), The Old Schools, Cambridge, CB2 1TN so as to reach him not later than 19 January 2007. The place of the examination will be communicated to candidates later. The Scholarships are tenable for two years from the time of the election.

Any member of the University is eligible to compete for a Scholarship or for the Prize provided that at the time of the examination not more than nineteen complete terms have passed after his or her first term of residence; except that no one who has previously received either award may compete again for the same award.

The annual stipend of each Scholar will be determined by the Electors. The maximum value at present is £100.

Applications are also invited from graduate students registered in the University working in the field of Hebrew Studies, for grants for travel and other costs associated with their research. Application forms are available from the Faculty Administrator at the address given above, and applications will be considered twice a year: annual application deadlines are 31 October and 31 May. Applicants are advised that individual awards are unlikely to exceed £400.