Cambridge University Reporter

Jebb Fund: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2006, pp. 706 and 784

The Jebb Electors give notice that:

(a) Three Jebb Studentships for advanced study, one of some subject in the field of European literature from the time of the foundation of Constantinople to the birth of Dante, one of some subject in the field of European literature from the time of the birth of Dante onwards, and another of some subject in the field of European literature of any period, are offered for award annually. 'European Literature' includes works of literature written in the British Isles. Candidates must not have attained the age of twenty-six years on 17 April of the year of the award, and must be graduates of the University by the time when, if elected, they take up the Studentship. A Student is normally expected to become a Graduate Student of the University if not one already. A Student may be re-elected for a year at a time, subject to a maximum tenure of four years. The age limit does not apply to candidates for re-election.

The value of the Studentships will be determined by the Electors, taking account of any other financial resources available to the Student. The maximum stipend of the Studentship is at present £8,000.

The Electors may also make grants to Students for travel, and for other special needs (e.g. books and research expenses).

(b) The Electors will receive applications for grants from persons engaged in study or research in the University in classical or other literary studies. They regularly make grants for maintenance, travel in connection with research and research expenses.

Applications for studentships and grants must be made on forms obtainable from the Registrary (addressed to the Awards Clerk), The Old Schools, Cambridge, CB2 1TN. Applications should be sent to the Registrary, at the same address, to reach him by 1 May annually. The elections and grants made will be known by the end of the Easter Term each year.