Cambridge University Reporter

E.G. Browne Memorial Fund: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2006, p. 727

The Degree Committee for the Faculty of Oriental Studies give notice that they will be prepared to consider applications for grants from the Fund. Grants will be made for the encouragement of research in Persian Studies.

The Degree Committee of the Faculty of Oriental Studies invites applications for the E G Browne Memorial Studentship. Candidates must show in their applications (1) that they are a graduate of a University who has obtained honours in Persian or in Iranian, (2) that they intend to undertake research in some branch of study connected with the Persian or Iranian language, or with Persian or Iranian literature, or with the history or civilisation of Persian, and (3) that they have been admitted, or be seeking admission, as a registered graduate student of the University of Cambridge. Candidate should not normally have attained the age of twenty-nine years on 1 April in the year of candidature.

No applications for fees or maintenance will be considered unless the candidate has applied to the AHRC and/or the Cambridge Trusts, as is appropriate to their fee status. This applies to applications for renewal of awards as well as those for new ones