Cambridge University Reporter

Hanne and Torkel Weis-Fogh Fund: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2006, p. 893

This Fund has been established in memory of the distinguished scientific work of Professor Torkel Weis-Fogh in the fields of zoology and zoophysiology in Denmark and in England.

Its object is to further research in the fields of zoology and zoophysiology, at the Departments of Zoology and Zoophysiology of the Universities of Copenhagen and Aarhus in Denmark, and at the Department of Zoology of the University of Cambridge, so as to improve the sum of communicable knowledge in those fields.

The income of the Fund will be used to make grants:

(a) to promote experimental research in the fields of zoology and zoophysiology in the University Departments named above;
(b) to promote exchange of those engaged in research (including students) between those on the one hand in either of the departments of the two Danish Universities, and those on the other hand in the Department of Zoology of Cambridge University;
(c) to assist research students in any of the above named University departments who wish to conduct research in zoology and zoophysiology.

Applicants are required to nominate two referees who are in a position to comment on the scientific project. If the applicant is a research student, one referee should be the supervisor. The closing dates for applications are 1 December and 15 April annually, and the Managers will consider applications shortly after these dates.

Applications for a grant for any of these purposes should be submitted to the Departmental Administrator, Department of Zoology, Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3EJ.

The sum available for distribution is not large, and will not, for example, provide full-time support for a research student. Equal sums of about £1,000 annually are available for distribution in the Danish and Cambridge universities respectively. Grants are typically made for a specific piece of equipment, or to provide travel and living expenses for making visits of a few months. It should also be noted that it is the policy of the Managers not to support expeditions.

Any recipient of a grant from the Fund may be required, as a condition of the grant, to furnish the Treasurer of the University of Cambridge such details of expenditure from the grant as he may require and to submit to the Managers at their request a report on the research undertaken with its assistance.