Cambridge University Reporter


Balfour Fund and Studentship Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2006, pp. 706 and 716

The Fund has been established for the furtherance of original research in Biology. The income accruing from the Fund shall be applied:

to endow a Studentship, the holder of which shall undertake original research in Biology, especially Animal Morphology; to further, by occasional grants of money, original research in the same subject.

Candidature for the Studentship shall be open, but the Student, if not a member of the University, must become such before the end of the term next after election and remain such during tenure.

Applicants should write to the Departmental Administrator before the closing dates of 5 January and 22 June 2007, enclosing:

a covering letter

a brief description of the proposed project or request

a budget or statement of costs

and two references.

For further information, please see the Department of Zoology's website: