Cambridge University Reporter


Ord Travel Fund: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2006, pp. 706 and 815

The Registrary gives notice that the Awarders of the Ord Travel Fund will receive applications for grants from students of music who wish to travel in Europe and in the Mediterranean countries of Africa or Asia, or exceptionally elsewhere, in order to increase their interest in and understanding of the art and practice of music, and to improve their knowledge of languages for the same purpose.

A sum in the region of £1,300 is available for award in 2007. Members of the University may apply for a grant provided that on 25 March 2007 they will have spent at least two terms studying for a Part of the Music Tripos and that twelve complete terms will not have passed after their first term of residence.

Applications for grants, accompanied by a short description of the proposed travel, must be submitted through the candidate's Tutor to the Secretariat so as to reach him not later than 13 February 2007. Awards will be made not later than 12 March 2007 and will be payable on application to the Treasurer.

Not later than the division of term next following the term or the vacation in which the travel is completed, each recipient of a grant must send to the Secretary of the Faculty Board of Music for transmission to the Awarders a short report of his or her travel.