Cambridge University Reporter

Odette de Mourgues Fund: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2006, p. 741

The Electors to the Odette de Mourgues Fund give notice that they are prepared to consider applications for a Studentship. The Studentship is awarded to a graduate student embarking on a Ph.D. under the aegis of the Department of French in any area of French literature, culture, or language. It is tenable for one year, normally from 1 October following the election. It cannot support any payment of fees but is intended as a prize and as an additional source of maintenance. Its value will be about £1,000.

Candidates for the Studentship may be any persons registered as a Graduate Student in the University provided they have taken steps to work towards a Ph.D. Degree in the Department of French in the subsequent year and will have already completed at least two terms of residence at the time of election. Normally this will be late in the Long Vacation, since the decision cannot be finalized until the Board of Graduate Studies have notified the Department that the candidate's academic plans have been accepted by the Faculty and his or her financial support is secure. Students enrolled on the M.Phil. in European Literature and Culture, the M.Phil. in Linguistics and the M.Phil. in Screen Media and Cultures are thus eligible to apply.

Applications, including an outline of the candidate's proposed doctoral research and his or her academic qualifications, should be sent to the Head of the Department of French, Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 9DA, so as to reach her not later than 31 July 2007.