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LL.M. Examination, 2007: Designated papers

The Faculty Board of Law give notice that they have designated the following papers prescribed for the LL.M. Examination, 2007 as falling within the fields of Commercial law (c), European law (e), or International law (i):

Paper 1 Corporate taxc & e
Paper 2 International commercial taxc & e
Paper 3 International commercial litigationc & e
Paper 4 Law of restitutionc
Paper 5 International salesc
Paper 6 Commercial insurance lawc
Paper 8 International banking and financial lawc
Paper 9 Corporate finance lawc
Paper 10 Corporate governancec
Paper 12 Intellectual propertyc & e
Paper 13 Contemporary issues in the law of European integratione
Paper 14 Competition lawc & e
Paper 17 EC trade lawc & e
Paper 19 Foundations of international lawi
Paper 20 Law of armed conflict, use of force, and peacekeepingi
Paper 21 Settlement of international disputesi
Paper 23 The WTO and international economic lawc & i
Paper 24 International criminal lawi
Paper 26 Law and practice of civil liberties 
Paper 28 Comparative public law 
Paper 30 Jurisprudence 
Paper 32 Commercial equityc
Paper 33 Family law and policy 
Paper 34 Philosophy of criminal law 
Paper 35 History of English civil and criminal law 
Paper 36 International intellectual property lawc, e & i
Paper 37 European legal historye
Paper 38 Seminar paper 

In accordance with Regulation 10 (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 426), the Faculty Board may in addition designate as falling within one of the above fields the subject of a thesis submitted for a seminar course under Paper 38.

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