Cambridge University Reporter

First-stage Report of the Council on the construction of a new building for the Institute for Manufacturing at West Cambridge: Notice

3 July 2006

The Council have received the remarks made at the Discussion of this Report on 16 May 2006 (Reporter, p. 656).

Professor A. Mycroft voiced his concern about the infrastructure for West Cambridge. The Council share his concern that it has not been possible to date to provide a cash dispenser (ATM) or a shop on the site. There has been discussion with potential ATM providers (who need to satisfy their insurance and security requirements) but no provision has yet been possible. The long-term intention is to install an ATM in the East Forum. Only if a retail unit were let would it be possible to consider an ATM at West Cambridge prior to provision in the East Forum.

With regard to the provision for car parking at West Cambridge, the Physics for Medicine project is proceeding in tandem with provision of car parking elsewhere at West Cambridge, to be constructed as part of the next stage of infrastructure works. These works will extend Charles Babbage Road westwards, and will include sufficient temporary and permanent car parking to meet the planning provisions for the Cavendish (including Physics for Medicine), the East Forum, and the Institute for Manufacturing.

The Planning and Resources Committee have supported proposals to continue a bus service between West Cambridge and Addenbrooke's, and action is in hand to achieve this with no, or minimal, disruption of service.

The Council have referred the remarks which relate to the allocation of the top floor of the William Gates Building to the Planning and Resources Committee.

In response to Professor G. R. Evans's remarks about delegation of certain powers relating to building projects to the Director of the Estate Management and Building Service, the Council consider that the relevant recommendation of the Report is entirely clear.

The recommendations in the current Report are for the approval in principle of the construction of a new building for the Institute for Manufacturing at West Cambridge and the Council are submitting a Grace to the Regent House (Grace 5, p. 797) for the approval of these recommendations.