Cambridge University Reporter

Court of Discipline: Notice

The Court of Discipline met on 18 November 2004 to consider a charge brought by the University Advocate on a complaint by the Senior Proctor against a candidate for the M.Phil. Degree. The members of the Court were: Lord Mustill (Chairman), Dr G. Jondorf, Mr A. D. Lemons, Professor G. Meeks, and Dr S. Palmer. Mr I. D. Troupe acted as Clerk of the Court with Ms H. I. Porch as his assistant. The Chairman accepted the defendant's request that the Court should sit in camera.

The defendant was charged with offences contrary to Regulation 6 of the General Regulations for Discipline in that the candidate had used unfair means in the dissertation as part of an M.Phil. examination, in that the candidate had plagiarized from the work of others by using material without due indication. The defendant pleaded guilty. The Advocate outlined the circumstances of the case. The defendant's representative presented the defendant's case. The Court concluded that the charges brought by the Advocate were proved. The Court imposed a penalty where the mark for the dissertation would be reduced to the lowest mark enabling the candidate to proceed to the degree, coupled with a condition that they should not proceed to the degree until the section containing the plagiarized work had been resubmitted to the satisfaction of the Examiners.