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Cambridge Endowment of Research in Finance: Notice

The objective of the Cambridge Endowment of Research in Finance (CERF) is the promotion of research in the University into all aspects of the history and practice of finance, financial institutions, and financial markets, and their relationship with economic behaviour and performance.

This objective is pursued by the funding of research programmes in the University, to include support for scholars, seminars, visiting scholars, and dissemination of results. Information about the CERF can be found at http://www.cerf.cam.ac.uk/.

Applications for financial support may be made at any time. They are considered twice a year, in May and October. The next round of applications will be considered at the Managers' Meeting on 31 October 2005. Applications must be submitted to the CERF by 1 October 2005 with two supporting references.

Please contact the Administrator, CERF, Judge Business School, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1AG, for further information and for an application form (tel. 01223 764115, e-mail admin@cerf.cam.ac.uk).

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Cambridge University Reporter 20 July 2005
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