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Magdalene College


The Governing Body of Magdalene College expects to elect two stipendiary Research Fellows with tenure for three years from 1 October 2006 (the Nevile Fellowship, endowed through the generosity of Trinity College, Cambridge, will be in the Sciences; the Lumley Fellowship, endowed through the generosity of H. R. L. Lumley, will be in the Humanities). Applications are invited from graduates, male or female, from any university. Candidates should normally have completed two or three years of research and may have written a Ph.D. Degree dissertation. Short-listed candidates will be called for interview and the expenses of travel within the United Kingdom only will be paid by the College. The current gross stipend (2004-05) for a Research Fellow is £15,041 a year rising by two annual increments to £17,206 a year. This stipend will be reviewed annually in line with University stipends. A reduced scale of stipend will apply to Research Fellows who are full-time students. A deduction of £1,000 a year will be made if the Fellow is resident in College. The net stipend paid to a Research Fellow will take into account any grant or stipend which the Fellow receives from other sources. A Research Fellow will receive all the privileges associated with an Official Fellowship and, in the case of a Research Fellow who has not yet taken the Ph.D. degree, the College may pay certain approved University Fees.

Applications must be made to the Master's Secretary, Magdalene College, Cambridge, CB3 0AG, using the special application form obtainable from the Master's Secretary. A completed application form, together with a curriculum vitae and a statement of about 500 words describing the candidate's current and proposed research, must be received not later than 2 September.

Magdalene College is an equal opportunities employer.

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Cambridge University Reporter 20 July 2005
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