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Posting of lists of successful candidates in examinations: Notice

16 May 2005

The Council believe that provision should be made for the exclusion, in exceptional cases and for good cause, of a name from the copy of a class-list posted outside the Senate-House. A Grace to amend the regulations to cover this is therefore proposed (Grace 1, p. 677). The publication of complete lists in the Reporter will continue, to maintain the integrity of the University's record. Copies of class-lists posted by Faculties or Departments before publication in the Reporter should not include the names of any candidates which the Council have determined should be withheld from public display.

Any application for a name to be withheld will be made through the student's Tutor to the Council through their Applications Committee. The application should be made to the Secretary of the Applications Committee, The Old Schools, Trinity Lane, as soon as the circumstances on which the application is based arise and in any event not less than ten days before the expected date of posting of the class-list. Further details of how to submit a request will be distributed to the Colleges.

A class-list which is displayed with a name or names omitted as a result of such an application will carry the following words at the bottom of the list:

This list excludes the name of one or more candidates in accordance with Regulation 4 of the regulations for the publication of lists of successful candidates in examinations.

Complete lists will continue to be provided for essential working purposes to Colleges but these should not be displayed. The Council intend to give further consideration to the arrangements for the communication of examination results to candidates when the new Student Information System, CamSIS, is more fully available.

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Cambridge University Reporter 18 May 2005
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