Cambridge University Reporter

Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, Part II

(Statutes and Ordinances, p. 333)

With effect from 1 October 2005

Oral examination

The regulations have been amended so that a candidate who has obtained honours in Part IB of the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos can only take the Part II examination in a language offered at Part IB, or, in the case of Affiliated Students under Regulation 24(e), in a language specifically approved by the Faculty Board. The amendment will first affect candidates who are taking Part II of the Tripos in 2007 and whose oral examinations for Part II will take place in September 2006.

Regulation 24.

By amending sub-paragraphs (a)(iv) and(b)(iii) so as to read:
 oral examination C in a language in which the candidate offers one or both of Papers C1 and C2, provided that, if the candidate has obtained honours in Part IB of the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, the language shall be a language offered by the candidate in Part IB.

By amending sub-paragraph (e) so as to read:

(e)An Affiliated Student who has been given leave to take Part II in the second term after his or her first term of actual residence shall offer papers and other exercises as under sub-paragraph (b) above, except that oral examination C must be in a language approved by the Faculty Board at such time as that leave has been given.



The Faculty Board of Modern and Medieval Languages give notice that they have suspended Paper Pg. 5 (Literature and culture of Portugal and Brazil from 1595) for the academical year 2005-06 as they are unable to provide teaching. The paper will not be available for examination in 2006. The Faculty Board are satisfied that no student's preparation for the examination in 2006 will be adversely affected by this suspension.