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No 5984 Wednesday 15 December 2004 Vol CXXXV No 12


Annual Reports of the Council and the General Board

Under the terms of Statute A, IV, 1(d) the Council are required to make an Annual Report to the Regent House, giving an account of their conduct of affairs during the past year; the General Board are required under Statute C, I, 1(f) to make a similar Report to the Council. The Council's Annual Report for 2003-04 is published below together with the General Board's Report. The two Reports, together with the University's Financial Statements (which are also published in this issue) will be brought forward for consideration at the Discussion to be held on 1 February 2005.

Financial Statements (Abstract of Accounts)

An audit does not provide assurance on the maintenance and integrity of the website, including controls used to achieve this, and in particular on whether any changes may have occurred to the financial statements since first published. These matters are the responsibility of the Council but no control procedures can provide absolute assurance in this area.

Legislation in the United Kingdom governing the preparation and dissemination of financial statements differs from legislation in other jurisdictions.

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