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Girton College

Elected to Honorary Fellowships from 18 May 2004:

Lady English, M.A., G, M.B., B.Chir., London, MRCP, FRCPsych., Principal of St Hilda's College, Oxford

Mrs Rachel Lomax, M.A., G, M.Sc., London, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England

Elected to Life Fellowships from 1 October 2004:

Risa Domb, Ph.D., London, Supernumerary Fellow and University Lecturer in Modern Hebrew

Gillian Jondorf, M.A., Ph.D., G, Official Fellow and University Senior Lecturer in French

Elected to Official Fellowships from 1 October 2004:

Christopher D. Cannon, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Harvard, College Lecturer in English

Sinéad M. Garrigan Mattar, B.A., D.Phil., Oxford, College Lecturer in English

Ross I. Lawther, M.A., Ph.D., CL, College Lecturer in Mathematics

Karen L. Lee, M.A., G, Tutor

Elected to Research Fellowships from 1 October 2004:

Selina Todd, B.A., Warwick, M.A., D.Phil., Sussex, Ottilie Hancock Fellow in History

Andrew C. S. Peacock, M.A., Oxford, Ph.D., PEM, Margaret Smith Fellow in Arabic and Persian Literature

Elected to a Research Fellowship from 1 January 2005:

Stuart A. Scott, M.A., CTH, Hertha Ayrton Fellow in Chemical Engineering

Elected to Bye-Fellowships from 1 October 2004:

Steven Boreham, B.Sc., CCAT, Ph.D., Open, Technical Officer in the Department of Geography

Caroline J. A. Brett, M.A., Ph.D., G, Director of Studies in Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic

Ingrid I. Schröder, M.A., Dip.Arch., PET, RIBA, Director of Studies in Architecture

Elected to the Helen Cam Visiting Fellowship for the Easter Term 2005:

Annelise Riles, A.B., Princeton, M.Sc., London, J.D., Harvard, Professor of Law and Anthropology, Cornell University

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Cambridge University Reporter 28 July 2004
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