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Statutes approved: Notice

23 February 2004

The Registrary has received notice from the Clerk at the Privy Council Office that Her Majesty the Queen, at a Council held on 11 February 2004, was pleased to approve amendments of Statute A and Statute D which were submitted under the Common Seal of the University in accordance with Graces 1 of 24 April 2003 and 9 and 10 of 8 May 2003.

The amendment to Statute A, VIII, 7 authorized under Grace 1 of 24 April 2003 relates to the number of members of the Regent House required to call for amendments to Graces (see the Council's Notice, dated 9 April 2003, Reporter, 2002-03, p. 800). Following the approval of the amendment to the Statute the number required is increased to twenty-five.

The amendment to Statute D, I authorized under Grace 9 of 8 May 2003 relates to the establishment of part-time offices (see the Joint Report of the Council and the General Board, dated 24 and 12 February 2003, on an amendment to Statute D, I to establish part-time offices, p. 616, and the Council's Notice of 5 May 2003, p. 859). Following the approval of the amendment to the Statute either the University or the competent authority may establish part-time offices for fixed terms or on a permanent basis, as appropriate.

The amendments to Statute D, I, II, and XIV-XX authorized under Grace 10 of 8 May 2003 relate to the abolition of the office of University Assistant Lecturer; the appointment of Readers and University Senior Lecturers by open competition; the establishment of academic offices in institutions other than Faculties and Departments; the establishment of Professorships with duties in more than one institution; the place on the scale of stipends on appointment; procedures to be followed in respect of leave; and the removal from Statute D, XVII, 11 of a redundant reference to a deduction from a Lecturer's stipend in virtue of College duties (see the Report of the General Board, dated 19 February 2003, on the structure of academic offices in the University, p. 618). Following the approval of the amendment to Statute D, XVIII, revised regulations for the office of University Senior Lecturer take effect.

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Cambridge University Reporter 3 March 2004
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