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Second-stage Report of the Council on the development of accommodation for a new Cambridge Institute of Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism (CIDEM) at the Addenbrooke's Hospital Site

The COUNCIL beg leave to report to the University as follows:

1. A First-stage Report on the development of accommodation for CIDEM was submitted to the Regent House on 21 July 2003 (Reporter, 2002-03, p. 1208) and approved by Grace 2 of 12 November 2003. This Second-stage Report is to update the Regent House on further development of the scheme and to seek approval for the University to enter into a long-term lease agreement with Addenbrooke's NHS Trust for the accommodation.

2. The intention remains for the facility to be procured as part of the larger elective care and genetics centre being provided by Addenbrooke's NHS Trust. The Trust are continuing to procure their accommodation through a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) route; the University continues to be represented in the negotiations and development of the project.

3. The budget for the University's contribution to this project remains at £15m of which up to £12.5m will be made as an up-front lease premium payment, on completion of the facility, to the Trust for the 30-year period of the PFI agreement. After this period the University will pay a peppercorn rent until expiry of the lease on 31 August 2061. Upon expiry it is anticipated that the University will be able to secure a further continuation of the lease.

4. During the autumn of 2003 the Medical Research Council decided to take accommodation within the centre and this resulted in development of a larger facility to accommodate both the MRC and additional space needs of the Trust; however the space to be occupied by the University has changed little.

5. The current proposal submitted by the preferred PFI provider will provide the University with a floor area of 4,061 sq.m. (gross). The unitary payment to cover maintenance, renewals, cleaning, security, and some equipment for the facility will be £348,000 a year, to be met by the School of Clinical Medicine.

6. Further discussions are being held with the Trust to finalize the lease agreement for this facility and it is anticipated that this will be completed in February 2004. Work would then start on site in March 2004 with the facility being fully operational in May 2006.

7. The Council recommend:

That the Acting Treasurer on advice from the Director of the Estate Management and Building Service and the Director of Finance be authorized to commit the University to a long-term lease to 31 August 2061 with Addenbrooke's NHS Trust for the accommodation of and maintenance for the proposed CIDEM facility, subject to the scheme being within the budget of £15m.

26 January 2004 ALISON RICHARD, Vice-ChancellorB. J. BRINDEDD. W. B. MACDONALD

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Cambridge University Reporter 28 January 2004
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