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Pro-Vice-Chancellorships: Notice

28 July 2003

The Council have now had an opportunity for discussion with Professor Richard, Vice-Chancellor-elect, about the future appointment of Pro-Vice-Chancellors up to a total of five, as authorized by the Regent House.

The Council intend that within the framework of the arrangements agreed by the University, the role of Pro-Vice-Chancellors will be to drive strategy and policy development, with access to the full range of support available through the Unified Administrative Service. Pro-Vice-Chancellors will thus either lead activity or will help ensure that it goes forward under other academic leadership. In the latter case Pro-Vice-Chancellors will co-ordinate, participate, and provide support as necessary. Pro-Vice-Chancellors will also provide a key means of liaison between the University's institutions and the central management and administration. Pro-Vice-Chancellors are expected to be appointed from senior academic officers, respected by and within the academic community. They will be expected to chair major University Committees in their portfolio areas and, with and in support of the Vice-Chancellor, to provide academic leadership in the University and in its management and direction.

Portfolios allocated to Pro-Vice-Chancellors are likely to evolve over time, in response to changing needs and priorities. With advice from the Vice-Chancellor-elect, the Council have however provisionally concluded that initial portfolios might be as follows: Planning and Resources (already appointed, Professor Minson); Education; Research; Human Resources; Special Responsibilities (including selected University initiatives and strategic planning for institutions not within Schools). The Council will give further consideration to these proposals in September after consulting the General Board and intend to publish a further Notice, formally inviting nominations and expressions of interest, early in Michaelmas Term 2003.

The amendment to Statutes necessary to give effect to the increase in the number of Pro-Vice-Chancellors was approved by Her Majesty in Council on 17 July 2003 (see p. 1246). With the exception of the determination of the stipend, the University has approved the relevant changes of Ordinance. The Council hope that it will be possible for appointments to the full team of Pro-Vice-Chancellors to be confirmed in time for them to enter office from 1 January 2004.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 6 August 2003
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