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Report of the Council on the stipends of Pro-Vice-Chancellors

The COUNCIL beg leave to report to the University as follows:

1. In their Report on governance (Reporter, 2001-02, p. 945), the Council suggested that the arrangements for the office of Pro-Vice-Chancellor should be flexible enough to carry different time and salary expectations according to the requirements of the portfolio assigned. They proposed to determine the stipend for each Pro-Vice-Chancellor according to the workload in each case, and stated that they would ask the Personnel Committee to formulate amendments to the schedule of payments additional to stipend (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 669) for Heads of Departments to include payments to Pro-Vice-Chancellors. The Personnel Committee have now recommended a revised approach as set out below.

2. At present there is a single stipend for Pro-Vice-Chancellors in Schedule I to the general scale of stipends (stipends and scales of stipends for University offices specified in Statute D, I, 1(a) and certain other offices, Statutes and Ordinances, p. 664), which is payable in addition to any existing University or College stipend. That stipend is calculated as 50% of the professorial stipend (Step 31) plus a Schedule 1 (Head of Department) payment (30% of the professorial stipend) plus a supplementary payment at level 4 (53% of the professorial stipend).

3. Since its inception the office of Pro-Vice-Chancellor has been regarded as part-time, but with a fixed level of stipend. In order to achieve the flexibility referred to in the Council's Report on governance, the Personnel Committee have recommended a revised approach, whereby a full-time stipend is determined for the office of Pro-Vice-Chancellor, but each individual Pro-Vice-Chancellor would receive an actual stipend pro rata to the time expectation of her or his duties, as determined by the Council at the time of appointment. The stipend of any other University office held by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor would be abated pro rata accordingly. Thus, if a Pro-Vice-Chancellor's time expectation were one-third full-time, and if the Pro-Vice-Chancellor also held a Professorship in the University, the actual stipend received would be one-third of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor level plus two-thirds the level attaching to her or his Professorship. If the Pro-Vice-Chancellor held no other University office, but was a Head of House, then (on the same hypothesis as to time expectation) he or she would receive a University stipend at one-third of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor level. It would be for the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and her or his College to agree an abatement (if any) in the Pro-Vice-Chancellor's College stipend as Head.

4. The Personnel Committee further advise that, in recognition of the range and importance of duties undertaken, the full-time stipend attaching to the office of Pro-Vice-Chancellor should be set at that specified in Schedule I for a Professor (Step 31) plus a Schedule 1 (Head of Department) payment plus a supplementary payment at level 4 (resulting in a full-time stipend of £90,915 using current figures).

5. The Council concur with the views of the Committee. They are further considering the arrangements for compensating Faculties, Departments, or Colleges in respect of the services lost to them through the appointment of an officer as Pro-Vice-Chancellor, and are considering the research support to be made available to an academic officer. The Council expect to seek financial provision for these matters, and for administrative support for Pro-Vice-Chancellors, in the present and subsequent Allocations Reports.

6. The Council therefore recommend:

I. That the stipends and the scale of stipends for offices specified in Statute D, 1, I(a) and certain other offices (Schedule I to the general scale of stipends, Statutes and Ordinances, p. 664) be amended so that the full-time stipend for the office of Pro-Vice-Chancellor is £90,915.1

II. That the regulations for Pro-Vice-Chancellors (Reporter, p. 814) be amended, with effect from the date of the approval of the amendment to Statute D, IV by Her Majesty in Council:


4. The stipend for the office of Pro-Vice-Chancellor shall be determined by Grace. A Pro-Vice-Chancellor who is appointed on a part-time basis shall receive a pro-rata proportion of the full stipend for that office and shall, if he or she holds another University office concurrently, receive a correspondingly reduced pro-rata stipend for that other office.


1 Full-time stipend made up of professorial salary (Step 31), a Schedule 1 (Head of Department) payment, and a level 4 supplementary payment.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 16 July 2003
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