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Election to the Council: Notice

2 December 2002

The Vice-Chancellor announces the following result of the poll and of the transfer of votes under the Single Transferable Vote Regulations:

In class (b)
Elected from 1 January 2003 until 31 December 2006:
  Dr R. J. Anderson, T, and Professor Sir Martin Rees, K.

Number of valid votes cast: 1,289       (Quota: 430)
 First countTransfer of Dr Tyler's votesSecond countTransfer of Prof. Chase's votesThird countTransfer of Prof. Bell's and Prof. Edwards's votesFourth countRESULT
Dr Anderson304+6310+8318+98416Second elected
Professor Bell111+8119+6125-1250 
Professor Chase80+383-83000 
Professor Edwards150+6156+8164-1640 
Professor Sir Martin Rees306+10316+31347+88435First elected
Professor Sanders283+13296+21317+56373 
Dr Tyler55-5500000 



* Statutes and Ordinances, p. 123, Regulation 10(a).

In class (c)
Elected from 1 January 2003 until 31 December 2006:
  Dr R. J. Barnes, EM, Ms D. Lowther, G, Mr J. M. R. Matheson, SE, and Dr J. M. Whitehead, W.

Number of valid votes cast: 1,287       (Quota: 258)

  First count Transfer of Dr Evans's votes Second count RESULT
Dr Barnes225+27252Third elected
Dr Clark188+20208 
Dr Evans173-1730 
Ms Lowther255+27282First elected
Mr Matheson214+31245Fourth elected
Dr Whitehead232+32264Second elected



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Cambridge University Reporter, 5 December 2002
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